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Good quality Touch Screen Kiosk for sales
Good quality Touch Screen Kiosk for sales
Customers Reviews
55inch tower with wireless charging pad looks great, with GFCI break inside for safety, thanks for your design, more container will come for sure

—— So from Canada

4KG Video wall for my restaurant menu board looks good, cheap price, narrow bezel, thanks a lot for your solution.

—— Ja from Moldova

55inch totem with wheels and face recognition camera works very well, goog and safe packing, will order more for my school project!

—— Mike from USA

32inch customized outdoor Android 7.1 kiosk with good touch screen, face recognition camera works well, sample test pass, order 50pc, thank you.

—— T from Belgium

200pc 55inch wall Android vertical display installed today, 4G and Camera work well, I'll order 400-1000pc, thank you.

—— G from Singapore

Thank you, 32inch capacitive touchscreen self service machine with cash receiver is good, I like it.

—— Roy - from USA

Believe in Made in China! Video wall works well, it's amazing, price is much better, thank you.

—— Amy from Korea

10pc 55" outdoor stand works well, impossible at such low price, even ready in stock, fast speed, well done Mercedes!

—— Mr. Georges from USA

High brightness LCD stretched bar display with HDMI input so I can use my own player box, everything is fine, thank you.

—— Jon from France

50pc 43inch ultra-thin Android infrared touch kiosk, price is so good, and delivery time is faster than I expected, good job!

—— Mr Tobby from France

86inch super big touch screen table work very well, school teacher like it, thanks

—— Z from UK

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